Roker Pier

Project details

Major maintenance works have been completed ahead of programme on the 111 year old historic Roker Pier in Sunderland for Sunderland City Council. The schedule of works included below-water repairs to the foundations of the pier, repointing areas of the pier walls and renewing the concrete pier deck.

The excavation of the old pier deck and the casting of a new fibre reinforced concrete slab was carried out, with the new deck having a cobble effect imprinted into the top surface along with a ‘rail track’. The track is to simulate the old rails which the Goliath crane, used to build the pier, was operated on.

Diving works were carried out to place underwater concrete to the pier voids along the length of the pier, concrete was pumped 8-10m down from the top of the pier to fill the voids.

Repointing works to both pier walls were also with access from a cradle grantry situated on top of the pier.

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