Project details

During storm flow conditions within the Manchester Shipping Canal, a section of river wall approximately 17m in length collapsed. The section in question is located adjacent to a pedestrian footpath within the residential area of Trafford Park. Temporary stabilisation works in the form of stone bags were subsequently installed to prevent further deterioration of the structure. Awarded as a design and build scheme, initial proposals involved reconstruction of the collapsed area using masonry blocks, however following further site investigation works, a sheet piled arrangement was deemed as being most beneficial.

Collapsed canal wall

Initial works included the removal of loose embankment material, to expose the remaining section of wall. Using a Movax tracked excavator, 29no. 9m long sheet piles were pitched and driven to refusal using an impact hammer, before being cut at predetermined levels. Granular fill was then placed in 500mm layers to ensure even displacement of weight behind the newly installed sheet piled wall. In order to secure the sheet piles in position, a waling beam complete with tie bars was positioned prior to casting of the new reinforced concrete deck. Finally a capping beam was installed, accessed using a temporary platform.

Adjacent canal wall to repoint

Further works included the removal of vegetation from adjacent sections of the structure, which included a number of adjacent trees deemed as having the potential to cause further damage to the wall. Masonry stabilisation works have been completed to a downstream section of wall across a length of 56m. This included jet washing of the wall before raking out and repointing of all joints.