The contract for North Tyneside Council involved carrying out repairs on an existing concrete quay structure at the former Swan Hunter shipyard on the north bank of the River Tyne over a period of 8 months.

The quay had been modified and adapted over its life and therefore had a number of different forms of construction along its length including; reinforced concrete beams, structural steel, sheet piles, ground anchors, tie-bars, timber and gabion mattressing. In total the length of quay requiring repairs was 300m.

The majority of the repair works were the hydro-demolition of degraded concrete beams & soffits and the removal of the corroded reinforcement. Replacement reinforcement was then installed into the existing quay structure and the casting of new beams & soffits was carried out. Additionally, sheet pile repairs were carried out alongside fender replacements, the installation of new gabion mattressing, the application of protective coatings to steelwork and the installation of Hybrid ICCP (Induced Current Cathodic Protection).


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