Southbay were employed to upgrade the berthing facilities at Simon Storage, Teesside. The Jetty Upgrade works to Jetty 1 were necessary to enable larger capacity vessels to use the berthing facility, this was a design and build contract and Fairhurst were our design consultants for the scheme which included the following:-

  • Dismantle and remove the existing redundant fenders on existing berthing dolphins A, B & C. These existing RC dolphin structures were then the subject of concrete repairs and installing a pair of 762mm dia tubular steel fender support piles into the seabed on the seaward side of the structure utilising barge mounted crane c/w associated marine piling equipment. Final minor modifications to the structure were required so to enable the installation of the new more robust fendering system.
  • Our client Simon Storage Ltd had commissioned a fully detailed structural report which identified the existing jetty was inadequate in terms of the increased size of the vessels wishing to use the berth, therefore an upgrade was necessary. This was provided by construction of a new 10m x 10m RC berthing dolphin founded on 9nr 1220mm dia tubular steel piles which were conventionally driven into the seabed utilising both marine and land based piling plant & machinery. The land based crane was a 550 tonne capacity crawler crane which was required to provide the necessary lift capacities at the radii involved. This new Dolphin also had a fendering system installed to enhance the jetty’s berthing capability.
  • Our design partners Fairhurst designed a cathodic protection system which would protect the steel berthing elements which were within the tidal zone. The installation was carried out using divers, assisted by both the land based crane and the barge mounted cranes to sling, lift, lower into position and fix the individual CP components.

Southbay were awarded a Commendation at the 2015 CECA Annual Awards for the scheme.

CECA 2015 Highly Commended Photo

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Simon Storage Seal Sands


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