After years of wave damage the north and south breakwaters at Seahouses required extensive major concrete repairs, this work was carried out in 2008 by Southbay. The site itself was on a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and access to plant and equipment was strictly controlled. The surrounding area was also listed as a Northumbria Coast Special Protection Area (SPA), Berwickshire and North Northumberland Coast Candidate Special Areas of Conservation (CSAC) and Northumberland Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) area.

The works consisted of the

  • Reconstruction of Southern Breakwater, including encasement with concrete;
  • Repairs to Northern Breakwater, including temporary access works, removal and replacement of top of crest wall
  • Harbour Road Wall; localised repointing and replacement of coping stones
  • Corner of Harbour Road wall; new retaining wall fronting existing wall.

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Seahouses Breakwater


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