In April 2012 we carried out the replacement of the end fendering systems on Jetty No3 at Sabic Petrochemicals, Teesport.

Due to restricted access to the jetty, all plant and prefabricated materials were loaded onto a barge at the Port of Sunderland and shipped to the River Tees.

Working initially from a barge the existing fendering systems were removed in large sections and then stripped down into its individual components for recycling / disposal.

New fender piles were driven over the existing piles and a prefabricated steel fendering system was placed on top and bolted up. Concrete was placed between the existing and new piles and the fender sleeves. New fender cones were installed as were new shear chains. Cathodic protection was attached to the fenders to prevent future corrosion.

New 300x300x6600mm greenheart timbers were fixed to the frame to act as the cushion for the shipping.

Strict environmental conditions and piling restrictions were imposed by the Environment Agency and MMO Licence and these were fully complied with.

A permit system was agreed prior to the works commencing and this was implemented throughout the duration of the works.

The works were completed within a 4 week ‘shut down’ of the Ethylene Jetty.

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Sabic Jetty No.3


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