As part of the £250m New Tyne Crossing scheme Southbay Civils Ltd were awarded the sub-contract for the installation of piles as part of the temporary works required to shore the banks of the River Tyne during dredging and installation of the tunnel. The Main Contractor Bouygues TP Ltd awarded the sub-contract to Southbay in May 2008 following an earlier tender period where Southbay provided the most cost effective solution to the tendered documents. This was followed by 4 month period of value engineering where a further saving of £1m was achieved. Final contract price was £2.2m.

The works were carried out first on the North Bank lasting 15 weeks and then remobilising all resources to the South Bank for a further 10 weeks.

Southbay further negotiated with Bouygues an additional contract. The installation of 5 no. mooring piles in the River Tyne. Southbay used their own crawler crane on a barge and a tug to install the piles. The piles were successfully installed to high tolerances both in plan position and verticality which was critical for the installation of the tunnel segments. Tyne Dock Weir Wall involved the construction of a 180m long piled wall working from floating plant. This wall consisted of sheet piles connected to a waling beam in turn supported by steel tubular piles. The wall acted as a weir to prevent sediment washing into the River Tyne during the filling of Tyne Dock.

The New Tyne Crossing project received The Robert Stephenson Special Award in 2012 from the Institute of Civil Engineers.

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New Tyne Crossing – Piling


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