Lossiemouth Seawall

Project details

A masonry revetment and crest wall protects the west bank of the estuary of the River Lossie which in turn is situated to the east side of the town of Lossiemouth on the Moray Coast. A section of the crest wall along the top of the revetment, approximately 15.7m in length, was badly damaged during a storm which occurred in December 2012. Most of this section of the crest wall is reported to have collapsed under the effects of wave action leaving a gap in the top of the structure. The gap was temporarily closed-off by placing euroBlocks to the landward side of the damaged section of wall. A considerable percentage of the pointing to the masonry revetment below the damaged section of wall was also loose, damaged or missing although the stonework generally appears to be intact.

The work involved carrying out repair works to the revetment, crest wall and seawall including:

  • General site clearance.
  • Construction of a new masonry clad, reinforced concrete upstand wall at the location of the collapsed section of the crest wall to tie in with the existing wall at either side of the breach.
  • Backfilling and reinstatement of the granite sett paving to the area behind the damaged crest wall.
  • Raking out and pressure grouting of the joints between individual stone blocks throughout the face of the revetment and crest wall over a 30m length of the structure centred around the collapsed section of the crest wall.
  • Removal of temporary propping prior to backfilling of the void at the base of the seawall to the south end of the site with mass concrete and reinstatement of the masonry facing.

Local councillor John Cowe, who also chairs the council’s economic development and infrastructure services committee, said he was…

“delighted that the permanent repair had been completed”

Mike Mulholland, chairman of Lossiemouth community council, said…

“They have done a good job of it. It will enhance the area ready for the tourism season.”