Jubilee Quay

Project details

Jubilee Quay is located within the Port of Sunderland and is a timber structure approximately 120m in length. The port which is now more than 300 years old, acted as one of the main venues to the 2018 Tall Ships Race, an event which attracted over 50 vessels from across the globe. In addition to being able to cater for some of the largest vessels at the event, it is hoped that by refurbishing the quay that it will attract increased revenue to the port.


Initial works included removing damaged timbers, defective handrailing, vegetation and arisings from the structure. A total of 6no. joists were identified for replacement, in order to access these timber members, the deck boards were lifted clear. The identified joists were then removed, with the bearing socket within the quay wall cleaned in preparation. Replacement joists were then lifted and fixed into position. Once the new joists were installed all timber members including the existing, were cut back to ensure there was no oversail across the quay edge. In addition to replacing joists, a number were strengthened by fixing new timber members on both sides of the identified joist. To support the existing structural members, new steel fixings have been provided throughout. Upon reinstatement of the quay deck which involved fixing new timber boards, new edging timbers were lifted into position and aligned with the existing berthing line. Further works included Epoxy repairs to decayed timber, replacement of 2no. ladders, repositioning existing mooring bollards, and strengthening of the Kee Klamp handrail, located at the rear of the quay.